Audio writing notes

Piano Tuning

I love my piano. Period. And though it holds its tune pretty well, there still comes the time when it’s just getting a bit squirrelly in the mid-section.  I notice this mainly because I find that I don’t sit down as often to “noodle.”  Well that’s no good! But now it is freshly tuned and, once again, I am amazed at just how good it feels to play. (Add sigh of contentment here…) So in that spirit, here’s an audio clip for your listening pleasure. It is a simple piano piece I wrote a few years back for Lisa, with the mindset that SHE could easily play it, though it has the feel of being very “me”  (that is, sounding like me just improvising after a fresh tuning). I don’t often write piano songs down…usually I just create in the moment and that’s it…if melodies recur over days and weeks, then I figure they need to find their way into the next choral song!  For this one, though, I wrote it down entirely without touching the piano…yay for when the sounds in one’s head aren’t total nonsense! 😉