writing notes

Recording of the Father song – for my daughters…

Recently, I have enjoyed revisiting this song…feeling it in my fingers again at the piano, so to speak.  And I thought to myself, “I really need to record this for Emma and Eden – to preserve it the way they hear it at home.”  I mean, here’s a piece that I wrote and voiced for use in a standard SATB setting, but because of the TEXT and the way I conceived of the song, it is really meant more as a lullaby or solo song.  In a way, it’s  as if I took a solo piece and then harmonized it for a choir to use.  (It’s just that what I first wrote and published was the choral version!)  but I think it is fun to share what it sounds like more as a solo work (okay, so I cheat and add some harmonies anyway…) also, I think this could be useful for any choir that is performing the song.  After all, there is a tendency – an expectation, really – to approach a “choral song” with a certain sound in mind (both as a singer and conductor) – “proper singing”, “tall, elongated vowels”, “crisp diction”, etc…which are all great habits.  But for a song like this, I think it is appropriate to relax those rules a bit.

For now, though, as my daughters giggle away in anticipation of whatever creative gifts they have made for Father’s Day, I have made this to give back to them…so that they can always hold on to this melody that I created when they were very young.  Enjoy!